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Office, Administration, & Management:

International Relations|Head of Operations|Head of Contracts|In-house Legal Counsel

Senior Price Estimator|Senior Proposal & Grant Writer|Government Relations

Senior Human Resources Manager|Assistant HR|Assistant Employee Relations

Administrative Secretary |Office Assistant (Marketing)|Office Assistant (Customer Services)

Internship: Data Analysis|Communications & Design|Social Media|Process & Policy Innovation

Project Management|Local, National, & International Relations

Engineering, Construction, & Professional Services:

Senior Project Engineer(s)|Structural Engineer(s)|Geo-technical Engineer|Environmental Engineer (s)

Assistant Project Engineer (Mechanical)|Assistant Project Engineer (Electrical)

Assistant Project Engineer (Civil)| Assistant Audit & Compliance

Internship: Mechanical Operations|Environmental Protection|Civil & Architecture

Chemical Engineering|Electrical & Electronics Engineering|IT & Systems

For additional business inquiries: Consultants, Contractors, and Businesses can reach out via email

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