Project Delivery

project delivery services

We seek creative ways to meet your specific needs. While budget, schedule and quality remain constant, we delve deeper to determine the right delivery method.

We are a reliable partner that understands each unique delivery method and how to help you implement the most appropriate one.

And we know the variations of these methods: finance-design-build (turnkey), finance-design-build-leaseback (development), finance-design-build-sellback (development), finance-design-build-operate (privatization), sale-leaseback (user develops and sells to other for leasing back to them), and program management at risk (PM @ Risk).

Each option has strengths and weaknesses. We not only take advantage of strong points but also limit and/or prepare for potential barriers to success. With a clear understanding of project drivers, we examine the best tools and approach to:

  • Expedite project completion

  • Improve project cost management

  • Reduce risks and disputes

  • Enhance team coordination and innovation

  • Increase project quality