Planning, Auditing & Consulting


planning, Auditing, and consulting

Helping our clients imagine the future, and then providing the integrated and forward-thinking services to achieve those goals is the hallmark of our planning and consulting practice.

We know that a comprehensive, implementable strategy sets the stage for successful solutions. That’s why we consider all the factors that influence plans—technological, socio-cultural, scientific, economic and geo-political. We strongly believe that decisions should be informed by evidence and solid data, wherever possible, and guided by the unique variables and needs that your project requires.

Our approach embraces a framework of integration and collaboration. We have the resources company-wide and through industry partners to expand our team with all necessary experts to ensure a robust and encompassing process. Our global partnerships allow us to build unique teams for every engagement, capitalizing on different ways of thinking and seeing the world. We work side-by-side to develop the best plan and path forward.

strategic advisory

An opportunity exists for your organization and community to grow in profound ways. You can envision the outcome, the capital and the talent to make it a reality, but you face many key questions. Before you begin, and to be successful, you need to validate your ideas and put a well-developed plan in place. As your partner, we’ll work closely with you to locate the solution, but we’ll go further and help you seamlessly transition into its design and construction. And we’ll help you keep pace with today’s rapidly changing marketplace by guiding you to the right decisions to meet your overarching goals and objectives.


predictive analytics

Our goal is to make data intelligible, meaningful and actionable. We create data-driven foundations for planning and decision-making by integrating all available information. We do this using sophisticated methods and building flexible models tailored to each client’s unique situation. We model demand and our client’s capacity to meet that demand, flexing and adapting to consider a wide range of market and strategic scenarios.

And many more services will be added as needed!