Project Work Groups partnering with national and international organizations to build sustainable communities in Africa, Asia, and Americas.


“WE ARE ADDRESSING 8 OUT OF 17 2030 SUSTAINABLE GOALS adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015.”

Global Solutions. Global Network.

Local Programs.

Project Work Groups (PWG) is becoming a global partner and the reliable platform to Engineers, Scientists, Researchers, Program Administrators, Businesses - to identifying projects and providing innovative engineering services, and technical support throughout the life-cycle of the project.

With constant beam of changing demographics, innovations, and demands of life- public and private entities are realizing the need to collaborate and coordinate ‘Visions’ and ‘Goals’ to build a Sustainable Community locally and globally.

Hence, PWG is the Solution. Here at PWG, we constantly strive to build individuals, communities, and at large the Society - by Preserving Environment, Building Infrastructure, Creating Ecosystems for humans and nature to sustain and regroup themselves.

We are always seeking to work with outstanding individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations all over the world.

So join the cause!

Core Areas

Food Security - |Agriculture, Farming, & Supply-Chain|

Clean Water & Waste Management | Clean Environment & Energy

Our Focus

System Evaluation & Governance | Sustainable Environment, Community, & Connectivity

Key Issues


economic growth and trade

Project Work Groups’ global network of specialists understands that development problems are complex and interrelated. So we rely on a combination of broad regional experience, technical depth, and unparalleled management skills to strengthen economic growth and trade around the world. From decades of experience of our partners, we know that financial services are key for broad-based economic growth and we work with financial institutions to increase their availability.

To help countries in Africa Asia region sustainably address their own development needs and provide efficient and effective public services, we work with governments to build accountable public financial management systems. To ensure policies align closely with economic objectives, we facilitate strategic regulatory reform and encourage trade integration. We promote entrepreneurship and strengthen the underlying market infrastructure to create, grow, and sustain businesses that stimulate economic growth.


agriculture and food security

 At Project Work Groups, we are committed to working together to find and implement innovative projects that achieve development impact. That’s why we build strategic partnerships that promote agricultural development, economic growth, and food security. As a result, local communities are able to enhance resiliency, increase incomes, and improve nutrition.

Our projects address food security for vulnerable populations, ensure improved livelihoods for smallholder farmers, and provide stable access to nutritious food. Our successes are rooted in technical and innovative approaches. We’re connecting rural farmers with mobile banking services, and we’ve identified and supported local agriculture luminaries to guide sustainable improvements throughout the sector.


education and youth

 Project Work Groups’ global network of more than 500 specialists is driven by a stubborn insistence that tomorrow’s world must be better than today’s, which is why our work with youth is so central to who we are. With more than half of the world’s population under 30 years of age, it is critical that we empower young people as tomorrow’s leaders.

We see youth as both beneficiaries and stakeholders, and we create economic opportunities for young people to drive meaningful change around the world. So our work connects individuals from Salt Lake City to Central Africa, where we work with private sector partners to jumpstart careers in hospitality. We are in Uganda, Ghana, Cambodia, Vietnam where we promote inclusive, cost-effective agriculture opportunities for young people, especially girls, driven by market demand. And we are in India, raising the standards of higher education. Because we believe that all young people — without exception — have the right to lead productive, engaged, and healthy lives.

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