Environmental Engineering

environmental engineering

We deliver high-performance built environments that value the economic, social and natural environments.

Addressing environmental concerns is critical to virtually every project. You might be planning a project to avoid or minimize impacts to wetlands and threatened/endangered species, completing investigations to determine the presence of on-site contamination, or obtaining necessary environmental clearances and permits. In many cases, you need specialized data collection and computer-based modeling unique to the proposed project and its setting.

Time and again, we have supported agencies and private clients with their most critical assignments. We understand the wide-ranging environmental regulations and legislation as they evolve, and we help you navigate the changes.

With more than 100 environmental professionals and companies we partner with, we provide focused, integrated services to advance your project. Our team includes environmental planners and permitting experts, archaeologists, historians, biologists, ecological restoration specialists, wetland and stream ecologists, fisheries scientists, toxicologists, and marine species experts and scientists. We deliver high-performance built environments that value the economic, social and natural environments.

water quality

Water quality modeling provides a sound technical basis for evaluating existing conditions and estimating future conditions due to management alternatives. We provide a wide range of modeling services from hydrodynamic modeling for calculating water movement to eutrophication modeling for evaluating nutrient-related water quality issues. In addition to applying a wide variety of models, we also develop and maintain mathematical models used in water quality evaluations and permitting efforts.


environmental impact analysis

We help you develop legally defensible documents that hit the mark so projects are executed. Our team has a reputation for preparing successful environmental impact analyses and documents in compliance with state and provincial laws and regulations. Our thorough understanding of agency requirements and processes, public involvement and stakeholder outreach helps anticipate and address the relevant issues found in environmental documents. As a result, we can effectively tell a story and create timely approvals.

Source: Europa Commission Report