Engineering Services

Engineering services

We’re well-known for providing custom engineering solutions to challenging projects. Our business partners’, seasoned professionals, and groups’ experience across many disciplines offers you broad perspective for diverse infrastructure and facility needs - most of them are hand picked through a rigorous process and have been strongly vetted by the local administrators with on-hands experience with current technology know-hows of large and small scale projects.

Albert Einstein once said that “scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been.” Our multidisciplinary engineering experts embrace the opportunities to push boundaries and create new frameworks that can transform communities at many scales. For more than 100 years of collective experience, we’ve created the water, sewer, road and electric systems that modernize communities. Today, we design integrated systems, sustainable infrastructure and intelligent buildings that optimize operations, maximize cost savings, and reduce the incidence of failure.

We believe in a commitment to function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability.

We’re able to adapt to changes in our environment as well as technology, so no matter the circumstances, we see each project as an opportunity to maximize your investment, reduce life-cycle costs and ultimately improve our communities.



We provide you the expertise needed to complete the civil design phase of your project. We follow local design guidelines and work with permitting agencies. Our services include site layout and conformance to setbacks and floor-to-area (FAR) requirements, grading and erosion controls, stormwater management, wetland mitigation, utilities, water/wastewater systems, solid waste disposal, lighting, and roads and parking. We also provide construction management services.


fire & life safety

Our Fire & Life Safety (FLS) team is committed to providing clients with tailored, safe and cost-effective solutions to protect their most important assets: people, property, and business continuity.

Our FLS team comprises licensed fire protection engineers, NICET system designers, past code officials, certified inspectors and plans examiners, accessibility specialists, risk consultants, and loss prevention specialists. With a diverse industry background and perspective, our FLS services offer expertise in fire protection, life safety, risk management, and asset protection.

mep - mechanical electrical and plumbing

We provide a diverse range of MEP system designs as well as consulting services for all building types and business classes, including facility system investigation and recommendations, writing/editing specifications, energy studies, cost analyses and payback studies, peer reviews, commissioning support, and construction administration. Our goal is to provide appropriate and efficient solutions that achieve client satisfaction throughout the life of the building.



Our deep bench of expertise in complex structures ensures the safety and reliability of our built environments, and provides the backbone and strength for quality designs. Using the latest advances in technology, we provide engineering services for steel, concrete, masonry, and timber structures that exceed our clients’ needs for serviceability, functionality and form. Our integrated approach to engineering means our structural engineers work side-by-side with other engineering disciplines to provide a well-coordinated design within the shortest possible timeline.

Value Engineering.jpeg

value engineering

Our approach to the Value Engineering (VE) process follows the prescribed six-step job plan of SAVE International, and is basically the same regardless of the design phase. However, the objective of each workshop can be different depending on the level of development of the project.

The primary objective of a VE study is value improvement. We use performance attributes and value matrices to evaluate each alternative and establish their value. These value improvements might relate to scope definition, functional design, constructability, coordination (both internal and external), or the schedule for project development. Other possible value improvements are reduced environmental impacts, reduced public inconvenience, or reduced project cost.