Agriculture and Food Security


and food security

Inclusive market systems that improve productivity, incomes, and nutrition

Regions: Central Asia |North and Central Africa | Middle East

At Project Work Groups, we are committed to working together to find and implement innovative projects that achieve development impact. That’s why we build strategic partnerships that promote agricultural development, economic growth, and food security. As a result, local communities are able to enhance resiliency, increase incomes, and improve nutrition. Our projects address food security for vulnerable populations, ensure improved livelihoods for smallholder farmers, and provide stable access to nutritious food. Our successes are rooted in technical and innovative approaches. We’ve connected rural farmers with mobile banking services, and we’ve identified and supported local agriculture luminaries to guide sustainable improvements throughout the sector.

Environment and natural resources

Solutions to manage resources, address climate change, and enhance sustainable economic growth

Development challenges are interrelated. That’s why Project Work Groups applies a “development first” approach to our work in environment and natural resources management. We focus on strengthening markets, safeguarding natural capital, and empowering marginalized groups. Our development-centered approach can be seen in action across a broad array of landscapes, from rainforest communities to coastal cities. Our experience spans more than a decade of experience in natural resource management, biodiversity conservation, land tenure and property rights, environmental management, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

monitoring, evaluation, and analysis(MEA)

Measuring and assessing effectiveness to maximize impact

With more than two decades of experience in international development, Project Work Groups knows how to adapt to change and strategically apply lessons learned across projects around the globe. At the core of that expertise is our our dedication to monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEA). We not only apply industry best practices for MEA in our existing work, but we ensure we are funneling that data into the way we design and implement future projects. In addition to drawing from innovative technologies and methodologies, we empower local staff, stakeholders, and partners to use quality data to drive meaningful change.


water, energy, and sustainable communities

Delivering sustainable services that alleviate poverty, power economic growth, and advance social development

Global development problems aren’t always simple and straightforward, so the solutions can’t be either. Drawing on decades of experience, Project Work Groups takes a multidisciplinary approach to complex service delivery and infrastructure challenges in the water, energy, and urban sectors. We believe in developing equitable and sustainable services through innovative planning tools, capacity building, and policy and regulatory reform. Whether it’s facilitating investments in renewable and clean energy systems in Ghana or partnering with coastal towns in Ethiopia to adapt to climate change effects, we use innovative partnerships and technologies to develop scalable, integrated, and sustainable solutions.

corporate partnerships

Creating shared value and sustainable impact for our clients and the communities where they work

Global corporations and the international development community have a shared interest in fostering a healthier, more stable, and more prosperous world. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability have become cornerstones of doing business in the developing countries. We believe the private sector can be a powerful force for creating meaningful change in the world and that complex sustainability challenges require locally-driven, multi-disciplinary solutions. Using assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation services, Project Work Groups helps create shared value, sustainable impact, and measurable returns for our clients and the communities where they work.


Economic growth and trade

Enhancing competitiveness and trade, strengthening public financial management, and improving enabling environments

Project Work Groups’ global network of specialists understands that development problems are complex and interrelated. So we rely on a combination of broad regional experience, technical depth, and unparalleled management skills to strengthen economic growth and trade around the world. From decades of experience, we know that financial services are key for broad-based economic growth and we work with financial institutions to increase their availability. To help countries sustainably address their own development needs and provide efficient and effective public services, we work with governments to build accountable public financial management systems. To ensure policies align closely with economic objectives, we facilitate strategic regulatory reform and encourage trade integration. We promote entrepreneurship and strengthen the underlying market infrastructure to create, grow, and sustain businesses that stimulate economic growth.